I'm a TV Producer
Computer Developer
based in London

A collection of TV Documentaries and Promotions I have done are at Persian.promo, Software developments are either private or I'm currently working on the landing pages.


I have pursued journalism and television, in addition to technology and programming.

Working over 10 years at BBC World Service and also making dozens of Websites and Apps.

Currently I'm bringing Tech and Automation to Journalism and TV at Volant Media UK

Proudly looking after Iranintl.com, Afintl.com and IntlPlus.com


Persian.AI (WIP)

A directory of popular AI tools and Prompts in Farsi


Arabile.com (WIP)

A directory of popular AI tools and Prompts in Arabic


News Parsers

Collection of multi-language News Intelligence and Analyse tools in Farsi, Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese .

#2.1Persian.News #2.2Newspurge.com #2.3ArabParse.com #2.4RussiaParse.com #2.5ChinaParse.com


Telegram Parse and Analyse (WIP)

Parsing and Indexing Farsi Channels and Farsi posts on Telegram

Astrology and Horoscope


Persian Astrology and Horoscope


Arabic Astrology and Horoscope


English Astrology and Horoscope



Vidlog of my jumps and flights


Former member of chatterchaps 4way team.

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please email:
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